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Why Is Winter the Best Time For Pool Renovations?

It’s that time of the year again. Ambient temperatures have fallen, the skies are getting cloudier and pool water is cold. Unless you have a spa or a heated pool, your swimming season has probably ended. But just because nobody is swimming in your pool, does not mean you can forget about it.

At Reliable Pool Care LLC, our pool repair specialists want to help ensure you get the best out of your pool. So, we have assembled some tips on the best things you can do for your pool in the winter.

What Are Your Off-Season Pool Care Options?

The swimming season in Austin typically starts in Mid-March/Early April. That gives you two to three months to either care for your pool or work on some upgrades.

  1. Winter Preparation: The process of preparing your pool for winter in Texas is a little bit different than in other areas of the country. Here in Austin, you may want to cut the run time on your equipment from eight hours to six. If you don’t have a freeze guard/freeze protector, consider running your equipment at night.
  2. Work on Your Chemical Balance: Did you know that algae and certain pool bacteria stop growing when pool water hits 50 degrees Fahrenheit? That means, when your pool water gets cold, it is the perfect time to stop using chlorine tablets.

    Tabs also contain stabilizers that can build up through the long swim season. This means winter is the right time to stop using these tabs and dilute the stabilizers in the water. You can achieve this by backwashing the filter or draining the pool a little and refilling it.

    Pools usually require between 60 to 80 parts per million when it comes to stabilizers. So, you should only need to shock the pool once a month to oxidize environmental particulate. Remember to check ph and alkalinity every week to prevent plaster erosion and equipment damage.
  1. Renovations: Off season downtime provides the perfect opportunity to get some overdue renovation or resurfacing done. It usually only takes a week to drain and replaster a pool. Why not take care of it when no one is going to be swimming? Need more complex repairs or renovations done? There are several reasons to do them during the winter.

Reasons Off-Season Renovations Are a Good Idea

Winter is usually the slow season for contractors in our area. This can lead to lower bids in the off-season than in peak season. Under the right market conditions, this could mean a 10 to 15 percent discount.

The quality of building materials also increases during the off-season. This is due to the fact that high-quality materials are in high demand during the active seasons. This can make it hard for coordinators to find “the good stuff”, so they settle for low-grade materials. Since demand is lower in the off-season, it is easier to find high-quality materials that will last and make your renovation shine.

If you undertake a renovation project in the off-season, you may also experience a more efficient build. Contractor overhead and fewer customers are powerful motivators. Generally, builders do not worry about these details during swim season when their services are in high demand. This can cause swim season projects to drag. However, contractors may be a little more attentive when you are their only project at that moment. This can be a big plus for your off-season renovation.

Rely on a Pool Repair Service You Can Trust

These are only a few of the maintenance issues and projects you can handle in the winter. Want to learn more about off-season pool care? Hire the specialists at Reliable Pool Care LLC! Our staff has over 20 years of combined experience with cleaning, maintenance, and equipment repairs/installations. Call us at (512) 829-0546 if you have any questions.

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