Don’t drain your pool!

Our new Water Guardian process cleans and retains up to 90% of your pool water!

Don’t drain your pool!

Our new Water Guardian process cleans and retains up to 90% of your pool water!

We’re Austin’s pool company!

Family owned & operated pool maintenance and repair, since 2009

We’re not a franchise and we’re not oversized and impersonal. And we’re not a little Mom & Pop shop either … we have a fleet of 18 branded trucks! Goldilocks would say our size is juuust right. 

Give us a call at (512) 829-0546

Austin LOVES Reliable Pool Care


We won’t ask you to sign a contract

Our customers keep asking us to come back, so we don’t ask them to sign a contract. You keep us around for as long as you are satisfied with our work!


Our customer service rocks!

When you call, we pick up. No answering service and no hold time. And here’s some more good news: We don’t overbook, so if you are on the schedule, we’ll be there.


We offer a free pool review

We go the extra mile by checking your pool and equipment BEFORE we start a client relationship, checking for pump leaks, calcium buildup, pressure-gauge issues, and much more.


We’re not too big, and not too small

We’re not a franchise and we’re not oversized and impersonal. On the other hand, our posse of branded trucks says we’re not a little Mom & Pop shop either! Goldilocks would say our size is juuust right. 

Pool Repairs

You have a lot invested in your pool, and you want to ensure it is serviced and repaired by happy technicians who are trained, experienced, and certified.

Need a quick repair estimate?

Complete the short form and we’ll be in touch right away.

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Speaking of Happy Technicians

Meet a Few Members of the Team

Our techs are a bunch of water-chemistry nerds and pool-repair geniuses who love working here. We treat our employees right and our clients reap the benefits.


Operations Manager


Best Friend


Service Technician


Service Technician


Service Technician

Weekly maintenance matters

Pool Cleaning & Maintenance

Sheesh, pools are so fussy! You know how quickly the water can turn green when your pool is poorly maintained. Our superb and consistently happy pool technicians provide weekly pool cleaning and maintenance services that include:

  • A thorough cleaning (brush, net, vacuum, baskets and more)
  • Proper adjustments to pool chemistry
  • A detailed list of all work performed plus a status report on your pool, all in an organized email
We answer the phone!


Contact the Pool Professor


Consider a Session of Pool School

Want to learn the basics for how to keep your water chemistry in good shape? Need tips for equipment operation? Let us give you a customized, one-on-one “Pool School” lesson on how to take care some of the standard pool maintenance functions. We can customize a class just for you, but some of the things you can expect to learn include the following:

  • Basic pool maintenance
  • Water chemistry
  • Proper operation of pool equipment
  • Pool safety tips

We think you might like it here


We are hiring happy, hard-working folks. Connect with us to speak with other team members and learn why you’ll love working at Reliable Pool Care.


Our employees receive subsidized Blue Cross Blue Shield health insurance, and we are putting together additional benefits for an even more robust package. Contact us to learn more!


Hear What Customers Say

These guys really stayed on the case …

” … while they solved a bit of a mystery with a pool heater. I want to get a few more years out of it, and they understood that and didn’t try to sell me a new heater like the last guys did.  It was enjoyable to work with them on it, and they were very respectful of my time in coming to my yard, etc.” 
Carrington W.
Austin, Texas

Phenomenal at what they do!

“They take such great care of the pool, and customer as well.  We find them to be honest, ultra-knowledgeable and trustworthy, plus being keen on keeping costs down for the customer.  They are great advisors and teachers!  Our pool has NEVER looked so good!” 
Jenny M.
Cedar Park, Texas

Been using Reliable Pool Care for years now.

“They are very prompt in responding to questions and request as well as reliable (hah!) in the weekly service.  Great company and appreciate the work.”
Joe R.
Austin, Texas

Pool Pointers

Pool Filters

Pool Filters

Pool filters are primarily tasked with the purification of pool water through filtration. Filters clarify water by removing particulate matter suspended…

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