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Pool Heaters

The efficiency of today’s pool heaters will allow the heating of an entire pool without hurting the pocketbook, therefore, gas fired pool heaters are not limited to pool systems with a spa.

Pool heaters have also become very safe and dependable. Your standard heater has 5 or more safety switches that can kill the heater if all the needed variables are not within range. The metal cabinets of yesterday have been replaced by composite materials and heat resistant plastics, so they are corrosion resistant. Although pool heaters can be pricey appliances, an investment in a heater will last a lot longer and are a lot safer than ever before.

Gas pool heaters use either natural gas or propane. As the pump circulates the pool’s water, the water drawn from the pool passes through a filter and then to the heater. In order for the heater to ignite, it first passes through a series of safety switches that ensure it is safe to ignite. This integrated safety loop runs continuously while the heater is used. When the heater has verified everything is safe, it ignites. The gas burns in the heater’s combustion chamber, generating heat that transfers to the water through the heat exchanger. This cycle repeats itself until the desired temperature is achieved.

Pool heaters are most efficient when heating pools for short periods of time, and they’re ideal for quickly heating pools and spas. Unlike heat pumps and solar pool heaters, gas pool heaters can maintain any desired temperature regardless of the weather or climate.

The complexity of the ignition control module or board, safety loop, and precise gas pressure demands require a qualified and licensed pool technician to address any ignition failures. Pool heater sensors are so sensitive that a single cob web inside a gas inlet can cause enough of a disturbance to cause ignition failure.

When deciding on the size of heater you should buy, keep this in mind, the price difference between a 250,000 BTU and a 400,000 BTU heater is minimal. Purchasing the larger heater is well worth the money. It will significantly reduce the wait time to achieve temperature, which means you will be able to get in a lot sooner.

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