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Why Is My Swimming Pool A Different Color?

If you own a swimming pool, you want it to be beautiful and ready to use at any time. However, keeping your pool running smoothly isn’t easy. Homeowners often run into trouble when pumps break or when filters fail. When this happens, you may wonder, “why is my pool green?”

It is quite a surprise to wake up to a green pool. Whether your inground pool is large of small, green is not the color you want your water. Pool owners are often worried and concerned when this occurs and rightfully so. However, there are many different reasons why your pool may turn green.

Why Is My Pool Green?

A common reason why your pool water is green is an abundance of algae. Water circulation, cool weather, and chemical balancing keep algae from growing in pools. If any of these factors are off, your pool could turn a putrid color. Chemically testing your pool regularly can help prevent this problem. However, these problems can still happen even if your chemical balance is spot on. This is why you should call the pool experts at Reliable Pool Care LLC immediately if your pool turns an unsightly shade of green. Here are a few more reasons your pool might change colors:

  • When there is a lot of pollen in the air, some of it can end up in your pool water. The yellowish hue of the pollen can mix with the naturally blue pool water, making your pool turn green. A pool with improper filtration could make the problem worse by recirculating the pollen throughout your entire pool.
  • Faulty Pump. Sometimes the pool pump breaks or fails to work correctly. If a poor pump cannot properly circulate the water, you must get it repaired or changed.
  • Bad Filter. The filter strains out debris and dirt. If the filter isn’t running long enough or if it isn’t cleaned properly, the pool water can turn green. Also filters that sift out the wrong size particles can also cause your pool to turn green. We can do an educational session with pools owners so you know what type of filter your pool needs.

Call Us When You Need Reliable Swimming Pool Repair

The pool care experts at Reliable Pool Care can help fix any failed pool equipment quickly. We can also test your pumps and filters to ensure that your pool stays safe and ready to use at all times. Your pool should not be green—and we can help fix it. Call (512) 829-0546 today!

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