Clean and retain up to 90% of your pool water!

Water in the Texas Hill Country is especially precious, and many communities have tight restrictions on when or even if you can drain and refill your pool, regardless of whether your pool water is dirty and saturated with exhausted pool chemicals. But Water Guardian offers a cost-effective and environmentally friendly way to clean and retain your pool water.

Using a customized reverse-osmosis filtering process, Water Guardian squeezes your water through a fine membrane at 150 psi, helping to remove and discard exhausted chemicals and other debris, and return up to 90 percent of your pool water refreshed.

Great news for those who use well water

If you fill your pool with well water, you know that you already face an uphill battle in keeping your pool clean and your chemicals balanced. Our reverse-osmosis pool-cleaning process is particularly good for pools filled with well water.

What about vinyl liners or fiberglass pools?

Water guardian is a great option for those with vinyl liners and fiberglass pools, which can be severely damaged if they are drained. Water Guardian’s reverse-osmosis process allows the water to be cleaned while these pools maintain the constant volume they require.

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