Frequently Asked Questions

Usually in 24 to 48 hours. The RO process is faster than draining water in most cases, and you don’t have to pay for the water.

YES, all swimming pools qualify. In fact, fully draining any pool comes with some risk. Gunite pools can float if a heavy rain occures while its empty. Fiberglass and liner pools should never be fully drained unless done by a professional.

No, not usually due to the small volume of water and the cost to set up and brake down the equipment. Usually best to drain it and refill with fresh water.

Yes, these types of water sources are usually in need of reverse osmosis before city water if the well water is untreated/filtered before entering the pool.

The cost to implement the reverse osmosis service to your pool is very similar in most cases compared to draining and refilling when you add the cost of water and additional chemicals needed after filling.

When the equipment is operating, you could compare the noise to probably less than half the volume of an A/C unit.

Water Guardian is owned by Austin’s Reliable Pool Care company, which is a family-owned pool services company serving hundreds of Austin customers since 2009.

This depends on the chemicals and source water used to fill the pool. Worst case two years and best case eight years, but average is about five years.

Your pool will be reading for swimming the next day after completion. Usually minor chemical balance is required and then you’re ready to go after mixing for a day.

Yes, but you will not have to use as many chemicals to sanitize because our reverse-osmosis processes eliminates a lot of the minerals.