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Been using Reliable Pool Care for years now.

They are very prompt in responding to questions and request as well as reliable (hah!) in the weekly service.  Great company and appreciate the work.

Joe R. Austin, TX

I absolutely recommend Reliable Pool

” They are very reasonable, prompt on their service and very friendly. They are the best. “

Kelle H. Austin, TX

Couldn't think of a more appropriate name!!!

” Reliable, kind, service focused and always with a smile. The best pool care crew in the city if you ask me!  I have never been let down by them and highly recommend them as a whole company from the person that answers the phone (Reed is my favorite) to our technician Austin. Austin shows up every week with a huge smile on his face and an amazing attitude! These guys are the best!”

Fariba K., Austin, TX

These guys are the best!!

” I have used them for over 5 years and Bryan has always done a great job while also doing his best to save me money.  In one case recently my control panel broke down.  It was just out of warranty and Bryan talked to the Rep for that brand and had it replaced for me at a fraction of the price (I believe just installation).  He cares about his customers and the kind of service they provide.  Larry is my usual tech, he always keeps me informed about what he’s doing and what the problem is.  He also tries to educate me about the things we have control over.  

Someone else mentioned that they are upfront about costs.  This is so true.  I’ve never had an estimate out of whack with the final cost of their service and if they can minimize it somehow they do! “

Let C., Cedar Park, TX

have been working with Reliable Pool Care for the past 3 years

” I have experienced nothing less than excellent communication and service. Reed and Becca in the office have been extremely responsive to any questions or problems I have come across, and I can’t thank them enough! 10/10 would highly. “

Mersaydes H., Austin, TX

These guys are the real deal, this was the second time

” I ‘ve used them and their willingness to schedule me in at short notice was greatly appreciated.
I cannot say enough good things about Ryan who came for the service call; he has a wealth of knowledge and advice on how I could change a few things here and there to ensure I’m looking after my pool properly. Ryan also identified a few things that I could get replaced under warranty which was super helpful and my pool is now running 10 times better than it was before.
Reliable Pools has made a return customer out of me and I’ll be scheduled regularly visits from them moving forward, thanks Ryan! “

Pierre D., Austin, TX

Bryan and his team are fantastic!

” We’ve been using Reliable for about 5 years now, and we’ve always been thrilled with their service.

We’re on a regular cleaning schedule with them, and then we adjust seasonally.
In the winters, we back off a bit, and in the spring, when all of the leaves and oak droppings hit, we ramp up a bit more. I love being able to have that flexibility.

In addition to regular cleanings, they’re also great for taking care of pool equipment, both regular maintenance (such as yearly filter cleanings/recharging), and replacement (such as when our 10 year old pump recently went out).

They’re responsive when I have a “pool emergency” (truly a first-world problem), and when I want an extra cleaning, such as for an event when I want the pool to look at its best.

Without hesitation, I recommend these guys to everyone needing pool service. “

Pierre D., Austin, TX

These guys really stayed on the case

” while they solved a bit of a mystery with a pool heater. I want to get a few more years out of it, and they understood that and didn’t try to sell me a new heater like the last guys did.  It was enjoyable to work with them on it, and they were very respectful of my time in coming to my yard, etc. “

Carrington W., Austin, TX

I have only used Reliable Pool care once so far.

” However, It was a very positive experience. I had a DE filter that needed repair. they called me back to set up the appointment and made sure that they new exactly which model filter I had so that they could bring the parts and only make one visit. They came on time, were knowledgeable, friendly and got the job done right. I also compared the price to the company I was using before (and growing increasingly unhappy with) and Reliable was slightly less expensive.  I will definitely call Reliable again. “

Amanda H., Port Isabel, TX

We have used Reliable for years

” However, It was a very positive experience. I had a DE filter that needed repair. they called me back to set up the appointment and made sure that they new exactly which model filter I had so that they could bring the parts and only make one visit. They came on time, were knowledgeable, friendly and got the job done right. I also compared the price to the company I was using before (and growing increasingly unhappy with) and Reliable was slightly less expensive.  I will definitely call Reliable again. “

Jack M., Austin, TX

Been with these guys since they setup shop (or close to it).

” Brian is extremely personable, passionate, and knowledgeable.  Our pool always looks pristine and they are quick to respond when there are any issues.

They’re also upfront about costs and the best way to minimize costs. They’ll even suggest you buy parts on Amazon because you’ll get it cheaper there than they can get through their distributor.   “

Niraj P., Austin, TX

We throughly enjoyed our 1:1 lessons with Larry.

” He provided the knowledge we needed to be able to properly maintain our pool without the monthly labor expenses. Reed was helpful scheduling and providing the initial information. We would highly recommend their services and think Larry goes above an beyond to make sure the pool is in the best shape before leaving you to maintain it. “

Tamara C., Austin, TX

They are extremely knowledgeable and patient.

” We had a pool built in 2010 and when it came time to doing some annual maintenance we called on the company our pool builder referred us to that had done some follow-up adjustments on the new equipment. They were awful! Never returned our calls, didn’t do a good job, no follow-through.

So, next time around we needed some annual maintenance (cleaning the cartridge filters, salt cell, etc.) I found Reliable Pool Care and decided to give them a try. So glad I did, they are extremely knowledgeable and patient. They walked me through things I should be doing regularly and helped me to understand our equipment better. It was my fault I skipped a service last year, but had them back out again today and boy was I lucky. Things were still in good shape, minus one broken part which they helped me replace (which explained why our Polaris was not working as well as it should).

They reminded me again of things we should be doing to maintain the lifespan of some expensive parts and when we should replace. Despite having cartridge filters WAY past the theoretical replacement date, they cleaned them and told me they were ok and should last a bit longer! They told me what to look for when they fail and then it will be time for new ones. They are honest and personable and always offer information above and beyond. I will definitely have them back to check on our pool annually, if not more often (if we forget to keep up with regular maintenance). By the way, they also email the invoice–doesn’t get any better than that! “

Claudia U., Austin, TX

Friendly, prompt, knowledgeable

” I moved in to a home with a pool and needed help learning how to maintain the pool. Every pool service company and their brother wanted to service my pool, but I wanted to learn how to do it myself, and so I stumbled upon Reliable Pool Care’s POOL SCHOOL!!! Brian came out and spent over an hour with me teaching me what to do in a way I could understand. What was more important, was that he wasn’t trying to push services or products on me.

I was so thrilled with his professionalism, demeanor and knowledge that we’ll be using Reliable Pool Care for all our needs, except of course for the daily upkeep because I can do that myself now after Pool School! “

Jenn A., Waterloo, Canada

If you are looking for a great pool care company, look no further.

” Bryan is honest, friendly, and informative. He took care of us promptly and efficiently. What a pleasure to have found this company! “

Teri M., Round Rock, TX

After an initial consult from Julio, I was satisfied.

” Sometimes pool ownership can be a huge headache.  It seems that every year involves dumping crazy amounts of money into a giant container of water in your backyard.  It’s a serious first-world problem.

I used to love servicing my pool.  At first it was sort of relaxing, skimming the surface of the bright blue water. Cleaning out the filter occasionally.  Enjoying the sounds of filling the pool during a hot summer day.  Then the water would turn a bright green after a rainstorm, or the filter would randomly clog. My attempts to fix this would usually involve dumping enormous amounts of chemicals into the pool, rendering it un-swimmable most of the time, only to have the problem resurface shortly thereafter. After dealing with this for a while, I decided that I would rather have someone else take care of these things.

My last pool service company was one guy who really didn’t  do a good job.  The pool was never clean, it seemed to always have problems, and there was always some “expense” that would pop up.  I chalked it up to part of the cost of pool ownership.  This continued for nearly 4 years.

I now rent that house (and pool) to a great tenant, and when they started telling me about the lack of service from the previous company, I started to look around for a new service company.

This is when I found Reliable Pool Care.  After an initial consult from Julio, I was satisfied.  He was able to not only explain the procedures (and why they were needed), but to also answer all the novice pool owner questions that I could throw at him.  After hiring them to fix the horrible job of installing a new filter and pump that the last company had left me, I started using their service for the pool.  My tenants are happier, my pocketbook is happier, and the pool is much happier with their service. “

Brad B., Austin, TX

Great guys, very helpful and informative.

” I learned so much about my pool in a short amount of time. “

M L., Austin, TX

I hired these guys for pool school cause I was finally ready to clean my own pool.

” Julio of Reliable Pool Care is a natural born teacher.   He explained the logic behind the various working parts of my pool, showed me how to clean it, watched me clean it, gave me time saving and back saving tips and left my pool sparkling.  Of course he also stressed the importance of checking and adjusting the chemicals regularly.  He really seemed to care about the health of my pool.  

Julio brought along an employee in training , Chuck, who equally friendly, knowledgeable and conscientious.  This tells me that Julio knows how to hire the right people and trains them really really well.    This is very important if you’re going to have someone do the weekly maintenance for you.  My past experience is that the owner may know what he’s doing but maybe guy they send out to do YOUR pool doesn’t have a clue.  I KNOW that if Chuck cleaned my pool, he’d do as good a job as Julio.  Perhaps even better judging by the way Chuck cleaned out my DE filter.  Thanks Chuck!  Do you do windows too?

Thanks to these guys, after just a couple of hours I went from pool idiot to pool expert.  I feel 100% confident that I can clean my own pool from now on and if I need any extra maintenance you bet I’ll call reliable Pool Care right away. “

Michelle H., Cedar Park, TX

Highly recommend them!

” I had a leak by my pool equipment and the filter wasn’t working well. I got bids from several companies and all of them gave me a list of things that needed to be completely replaced. I chose Reliable because they said there were 2 or 3 things that needed to be changed but in the future- There bid was lower than 2 of 3 but I give them highest marks for giving me ideas of ways to save money by trying a few things first-  They cane when they said they would, they did a great job, their price was more than fair and I really felt like they could trust them- which is HUGE! “

Ann R., Austin, TX

They did a great job cleaning my pool

” This spring when I uncovered it!  Fast and friendly service with reasonable pricing.  I usually clean my own pool but we had a crazy spring and had no time to do it ourselves this year.  If I ever need a pool cleaning service again I will be sure to call Reliable Pool Care! “

Deb H., Austin, TX

eliable Pool Care is the best!

” I recently moved into a rental house with a pool that had not been maintained in months.  After working with the landlord’s pool company for over two weeks and not getting results, I finally decided to take matters into my own hands and called Reliable Pool Care.  Julio and Bryan came out the next morning.  By the time they left, I had a pool that was finally clean and inviting to swim in.  I didn’t think it was possible for anyone to get the pool that clean!  They also noticed the pool pump was running extra hard.  Sure enough, the unreliable pool guy had wired it wrong.  Of course Julio and Bryan fixed that right up!

In addition, they took the time to explain pool maintenance and were very patient in showing me how the equipment works so that I can do some of the maintenance myself.

I am very pleased with this company and hope I can convince my landlord that it is a necessity to use them going forward. “

Jamie W., Highland Haven, TX

I picked Reliable Pool Care after reading the reviews posted on Yelp.

” I’d been having trouble getting other companies to call me back, so my expectations were low.  I left a message after business hours one afternoon and Bryan called me back 1st thing the next morning.  He came out when he said he would and did what he said he would, what a concept!  I had to have the pool drained, cleaned and refilled.  Bryan and Julio did a fantastic job.  They also spent time teaching me how to properly maintain my pool.  I will definitely use Reliable in the future. “

Carol B. ,Cedar Park, TX

Bryan and Julio at Reliable Pool Care are phenomenal at what they do!

” They take such great care of the pool, and customer as well.  We find them to be honest, ultra-knowledgeable and trustworthy, plus being keen on keeping costs down for the customer.  They are great advisors and teachers!  Our pool has NEVER looked so good! “

Jenny M., Cedar Park, TX

Our pool was a mess and now it looks better than new!

” Thanks to Julio and Brian for knowing what needed to be done and not doing things that we didn’t need (we are knowledge poor when it comes to pool maint.).  Reliable acid washed our pool and spa to remove years of build up on the plaster due to unbalanced pool chemicals…it looks better than new!  They are also very reasonable—coming in $400-500 dollars less than another company for the same service.  “

k c., Round Rock, TX
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